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What is Program Pathways Mapper?

Program Pathways Mapper (PPM) goes beyond standard software; it’s a beacon for students navigating their academic journeys. PPM clarifies a college’s program and transfer requirements in an easy to understand and simple format, leading students through academic programs categorized by meta majors. This clear, semester-by-semester roadmap, enriched with insightful videos and program learning outcomes, ensures students are well-informed and confident in their academic decisions.

With PPM’s design centralizing the enhancement of student and institutional outcomes, several benefits unfold:

  • Boosted persistence, transfer, and program completion
  • Fair and equal student access to crucial career and educational planning resources
  • Enhanced opportunities for counselors to streamline their impact
  • Mitigation of transfer credit losses, unnecessary credit accumulation, and student debt
  • Fortifying the local economy with a well-prepared workforce
  • Increased noncredit students’ transitions to credit program

By the Numbers – PPM’s Impact

Data as of 4.22.2024


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An Inside Look at PPM

The Program Pathways Mapper is a detailed visual course guide. At-a-glance, the Program Map displays core, general, elective, and developmental (noncredit courses) courses by term, along with their prerequisites. Everything a student needs to make an informed decision. Take a look at how Pasadena City College, one of the early implementers of PPM, is introducing the PPM to their students.

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