Chart a path to a degree or certificate with Program Pathways Mapper.

Program Mapper takes the guesswork out of scheduling by providing a clear path to each degree or certificate offered by your college.
The Program Pathways Mapper is a detailed visual course guide.
At-a-glance, the Program Map displays core, general, elective, and developmental courses by term, along with their prerequisites. Everything a student needs to make an informed decision.
What students are saying about Program Pathways Mapper

"If you follow Program Mapper or the pathways, you probably could have gotten everything out of the way and then been done on time. . . . So it helps you with efficiency and being clear about how to get out as quickly as possible."

"When I was still debating on what to major in, [the Program Mapper] gave me an understanding of what courses I would be taking. So that was helpful in helping me make my decision...And when I was told to double major, I could go [to the maps] and check . . . comparisons of [the] overlap between my current major. . . . I was still able to go back and forth. So that was helpful."

"The salary growth and career section helped me to get a stepping-stone into researching more specifics about what I wanted to start a career in."

What faculty and staff are saying about Program Pathways Mapper

"I can’t imagine how our advising team would do their work if we hadn’t built these maps. The more schools that see this, the more they want to implement it."

"What I like about PPM is the visual plan, which allows students to compare different programs. Incredible resource to show a bird’s-eye view."

"Before PPM existed, I (advisor) would have to print off a catalog along with the gen ed list and create a step-by-step ed guide for each student. Now we can go to the mapper."

Map the Transfer Journey.
Dynamically connect community college and university program maps so students can easily visualize the full pathway to the career of their dreams.
Import your Courses and Programs with the Data Cleanup Tool.
The Cleanup Tool guarantees that imported curricular data is clean and organized before publishing courses and programs to Program Mapper.
Customize the look and feel to match your brand.
Add your logo and colors in the Authoring Tool for a seamless transition to Program Mapper.
Find the right Program.
Students can browse Program listings by Program grouping, or search by keyword. Each listing includes career information with current salary and growth statistics to assist students in finding the right Program for their needs.
Building a Program Map is easy.
Manage your Program related content--Program Maps and Program Groups--with Program Mapper’s Authoring Tool.
Create Maps.
Start building your Program Maps based on your existing Programs and Courses.
Preview as you build.
Are you curious how your hard work has paid off? So are we, that’s why we added a feature to preview your website within the authoring tool.
Publish your Maps.
Once your program maps are ready, publish your content and view it on the web.
Get Results.
Although the Program Pathways Mapper is relatively new technology, it has already had a big impact on students.

Student and Institutional Impact at Bakersfield College

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