Our Journey

The Program Pathways Mapper began as a collaborative effort of Bakersfield College, located in Kern Community College District (KCCD), and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) to develop an intuitive, student-centered platform that clarified the path to completion and supported colleges in the work of Guided Pathways and the Vision for Success. The work was grounded in three guiding principles that still provide direction today:

  • Clarity above all
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Everything is data

With a focused mission to improve student outcomes and a commitment to clarity and data the PPM was able to secure funding for early implementation of the PPM from the organizations listed below. Without their support the PPM would not have been able to launch the platform and onboard over 78 schools across 3 different states in its brief 6 year history.

  • College Futures Foundation (Grant for development of the PPM Data Cleaning Tool)
  • California Education Learning Lab (Grant for Development of the UC prototype)
  • A number of California community colleges and out of state colleges supported the development of PPM by being early implementers.
  • Chancellor’s Office Innovation Award

Through collaboration and a commitment to clarity, data and support for existing initiatives, the PPM has established itself as the best in class tool for student program exploration and for illuminating the path to program completion.

Onboarding Methods

PPM’s unique approach to onboarding schools is both systematic and supportive. Organizing institutions into distinct waves, PPM ensures that every school garners the requisite attention for publishing program maps. This method not only guarantees focused support but also nurtures a collaborative PPM Community of Practice. Here, school personnel from similar onboarding stages share best practices, insights, and the transformative impact of PPM on their campuses.

Governance and Collaboration

The Program Pathways Mapper (PPM) benefits from the enduring partnership between the Kern Community College District (KCCD) and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (Chancellor’s Office). In 2023, KCCD received state funding to roll the PPM out to all public institutions of higher education in California, comprising 116 California Community Colleges, 23 California State Universities, and 10 UCs. The Foundation for California Community Colleges was entrusted by KCCD to administer and oversee the statewide expansion and continuous enhancement of the PPM. Providing guidance in these efforts, an Advisory Council of KCCD and Chancellor’s Office representatives offers strategic planning and oversight to ensure the program’s success and stability.

PPM Activities

The PPM Program offers a diverse range of activities and support methods designed to showcase your campus work and create interactive maps in the PPM:

Facilitated onboarding tailored for each campus.

Data cleaning to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

Map authoring led by school contacts.

Facilitation of constructive dialogues with transfer institutions.

Yearly curriculum data updates.

Ability to build and publish as many new maps as needed via the Authoring Tool.

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Our Impact

Experience the transformative impact of PPM. Beyond supporting a common transfer GE pattern (AB928) and common course numbering (AB1111), the initiative illuminates the academic path for students and identifies and addresses systemic barriers to transfer success.

Photo: Sacramento City College

Our Community

Beyond being a platform, the PPM program is a vibrant community of practitioners committed to improving student outcomes and making the path to program completion more accessible and equitable. Discover the diverse institutions in our user group, and connect with the dedicated individuals driving PPM’s success.

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