In an era defined by rapidly changing academic landscapes, the Program Pathways Mapper (PPM) stands as a beacon, amplifying the principles of Vision 2030.

Addressing systemic challenges, PPM showcases its commitment to fostering equitable baccalaureate attainment and bolstering workforce development. By emphasizing streamlined transfers and reducing excess units at the time of degree completion, as observed in our systemic evaluation in 2022, we pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive academic future.

Aligning with California Legislation and Vision 2030

PPM’s unique approach to onboarding schools is both systematic and supportive. Organizing institutions into distinct waves, PPM ensures that every school garners the requisite attention for publishing program maps. This method not only guarantees focused support but also nurtures a collaborative PPM Community of Practice. Here, school personnel from similar onboarding stages share best practices, insights, and the transformative impact of PPM on their campuses.

General Impact Areas

Guided Pathways

With its structured approach, PPM streamlines the path to transfer and degree completion.

Regional Collaboratives

PPM’s collaborative ethos lays a strong foundation for regional educational partnerships.

Championing Equity