PPM Resources

Program Pathways Mapper (PPM) serves as more than just a mapping tool – it’s a comprehensive gateway to resources, best practices, and insights that aid institutions in refining their educational pathways. Our wide variety of resources is curated to offer both newcomers and PPM veterans a holistic understanding of our program and its expansive landscape.

Every resource section is designed to facilitate deeper understanding and foster efficient integration, ensuring PPM’s benefits are maximized for every user.

As PPM continues to develop and expand, the data collected continually showcases the positive impact on students and faculty.

Review some of our early evaluation reports or email PPM-support@foundationccc.org for more information.

Early Results on How Bakersfield College Students Experience Program Pathways Mapper (2020)

Research findings about how the PPM is improving the student experience.

Central Valley Transfer Project Results (2021)

Study of intersegmental map building between Bakersfield Community College and University Of California Merced

Initial Systemic Evaluation of the PPM (2022)

Evaluation of the PPM Early Implementers

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